Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sienna can Mix it up

Sienna isn’t afraid to mix it up with the boys. For their part, they know talent when they see it, according to the second grader.
“They tell their friends that she’s the only girl on the baseball team, and she’s the best,” Sienna revealed.
Having had numerous line drives launched back at my head in the back yard at Mt. Kisco Childcare, I’m in no position to disagree. But she knows the feeling herself. “My dad hit me in the nose last fall having a catch,” she said, "and then he laughed.”
Never short on words, Sienna had a comebacker to follow her dad’s. “I told him to stop laughing,” her smile said she wasn't too concerned.

The pain subsiding, the hard feelings were gone just as fast. “I wasn’t mad because he’s my dad, and I love him,” Sienna said with pride.
The peaks and valleys stray outside the lines too and extend to the slopes. “I like to go skiing with my dad,” she said. “The last time I was there I was going faster than a cheetah and fell,” she said.
Maybe funny enough in itself, Sienna knows how to roll with it nonetheless.  “You keep yourself from going too fast by going pizza,” she said, “by turning the skis toward each other.”
On the other hand, her mom does the turn when Sienna tries a 360 on the gymnastic’s bars – or dreams of doing one. “You have to flip over and land back on the bar, but I’m not strong enough to do that,”  she said.
Either way, Mom is in no rush as Sienna sees it. “She tells me she’s proud when I do the balance beam, and is amazed how flexible I am,” says the seven year old.
But Sienna doesn't need extra girl time among the sports time she spends with the boys to be a lady. “I’m an awesome girl because I’m cool,” she says.

"So Peace out,” she concludes.

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