Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mamaroneck Tennis Captain Doesn't Stress Over Doubles Game

It took a full two days for the Mamaroneck Tennis Team to defeat Scarsdale this season. Considering the last time that happened their captain was five years old, a little bad weather in between made it worth the wait. But Stephanie Banks definitely welcomes the tennis postseason with a sigh of relief - despite the exciting defeat of their arch rivals.
"Singles gets kind of intense," she says. "It's all on you so it's really my fun break at the end of the season to play doubles with my friend."
It also suits her style and crosses over nicely with her double's partner, Sarah Yukelis. "I'm serve and volley and she's a good base liner," she says.
But like any good athlete, the senior's advantage emerged by compensating for what's lacking rather than making excuses. A lot of the players have more consistent ground strokes, she says, so I've worked on my serve in order to gain an earlier advantage.
It definitely paid off this postseason. We reached the section semifinals and qualified for the states, she says.

No matter where that leaves her, Stephanie plans to study biology or history in college and hopes a division three school gives her the chance to walk on. If not, she'll play club tennis, but either way, the game will always double in regards to mind/body synergy needed to succeed.  "I like how it incorporates both a mental and physical challenge," she concludes. 

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