Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The House Arrest Rooneys Confines Dysfunctional Family And Talk Show Host Jerry Springer

All marriages require sacrifice and contain many challenges, especially when children are involved. However, in Peter Welch's new family oriented sitcom, The House Arrest Rooneys, the storyline takes us way beyond those obvious facts of matrimonial life - and not just in name either.
"When it comes to family, we're essentially all under house arrest, as we can never fully get away from them no matter how hard some of us might try” Welch says of his new show, which will soon make the rounds during fall pitch season in LA .
The series is set in the suburbs of the creator's hometown of Albany, NY and picks up when a happily estranged family is suddenly forced to live together again.  The unhappy reunion occurs when retired History teacher William Rooney and his New York City based, spoken word poet son are sentenced to home confinement. Trying to escape his nagging wife of forty years, William fakes his death and is convicted of insurance fraud with his son Paul.  

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