Friday, December 23, 2016

Crushes for LBGT Children can be very Confusing

Endearing Children’s Story Aims For Inclusion For Lbgtq Children

Lexie Bean came to New York two years ago from Michigan with the hopes of making her mark as an actress.  However she envisioned her journey on a more ambiguous plane. “I wanted to come here to tell stories,” said the Ohio born native. On the other hand, the tumult most encounter in the ultimate unfolding of their story took a turn in the right direction before even getting her and began with a question. 

“I asked a friend if there was a world on a snowflake, what do you think would be on it,” Bean recalled the discourse. Three years later, the conversation has yielded a children’s video that has the power to not only pull a child in but endeavors to include those like her who were once left out. 

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