Sunday, December 25, 2016

Healing Film By Pound Ridge Resident Now Available On Netflix And At Walmart

Pound Ridge voiceover actor pays homage to his father in 2013 Film that is now available on Netflix

The death of Sam Roberts’ father in 1985 left the Pound Ridge resident an angry young man. On the other hand, it wasn’t long before he started to channel his grief and a screenplay soon emerged. Reaching the tail end of the story, though, meant a long journey against the current before finally making it into the can in 2013.  Successes in a number of film festivals followed, and A Fish Story just secured a distributor so it can now found in 3,000 Walmart’s and is available on Netflix. Of course, having a Hollywood star attached to the credits would certainly make mass consumption much easier. But Roberts has come to realize that the healing nature of the film might not have come across as easily with that type of familiarity.

“People wouldn’t relate to it as well if they recognize the face on the screen. That’s a Hollywood barrier,” says the Canadian native. “Instead, the viewer can feel like it’s their story or how they felt, and invites itself into your heart.”

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