Thursday, December 22, 2016

Macgyver’s Michael Des Barres – Tv’s And Life’s Rock ‘n Roll Assassin

In 1967, Michael Des Barres first appeared on the scene next to Sidney Poitier in To Sir, with Love. On stage, his role in The Dirtiest Show in Town got the attention of Andrew Lloyd Webber and led directly to the formation of the so-called glam rock band, Silverhead.  He went on to quite literally survive the “decadence and indulgence” of the time that many of his musical contemporaries did not. Whether actually coming out of the era alive played a role in creating the assassin that was Murdoc is open to question. But selling his interpretation to the producers of MacGyver was a clearly function of the excessive aspect of the age, and he definitely didn’t ease into making an impression by waiting to get into a room for a reading.

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