Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Lewisboro Lightning Never Quit As Their Three Year Journey Ends

In baseball when you start slow, a cold, wet spring always stands at the ready as an explanation.  If the team will warm with the weather certainly remains a question, but it didn’t for Lewisboro Little League Coach Jason Pizer as his twelve year olds got caught in between all the April rain drops.
“On day one,” Pizer says he knew the Lewisboro Lightning was in for something special in their final year together as a Lewisboro Association Team, which included his son Jackson.
Winning 15 of their last 18 games, the Lightning won the WBA/RBA title and went on to finish 11th out of 48 in Cooperstown All-Star weekend.  Playing the game properly, getting better and having fun has triangulated the ground rules since he took over in 2014 as coach with Glenn Capobianco.  “You can’t really weigh those things more than the other,” says Pizer. “They are equally important.”

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