Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Art Makes Emma Happy at MKCCC

At Mt Kisco Childcare, Emma takes pride in being an artist. Off the bus every afternoon, the process of finding her voice (in any medium) doesn’t have her looking very far.
“I’m just myself,” says the second grader.
The same goes when it comes to getting specific on any particular inspiration. “I look at my life,” she says, “and see what’s happening.”
At the same time, Emma isn’t deterred if the artwork doesn’t pan out. “I usually don’t worry about it if I get stuck,” she says. “So I stop.”
But when the pieces fall together, Emma has her fill for sure. “Good art makes me happy,” says the West Patent student.
The same reaction from her key demographic keeps her creating too. “I like to make cards for my mom because they make her happy,” says Emma.
But her future plans are situated on the other side of her brain. “I want to be an oncologist,” she says. “It sounds interesting and I want to be rich.”
Of course, while the artist won’t be exiting, the work will just have to be intermittent. “I will start projects and put them on the side until I come back,” she says.
For now, Emma also likes to be on her feet when not planted in her creative seat. “I like soccer because it’s fun. You also use your feet instead of your hands,” she says. “I play piano and don’t want to hurt my fingers.”
A skill she shares with her mother, who is a piano player and teacher. And at recitals, might her mom’s expertise make Emma nervous of possibly making mistakes? “No,” she assures. “I’m nervous of everybody else.”

Mom knowing best, whatever Emma does is music to everybody’s ears anyway.  

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