Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Whistleblower and the Myth of the Liberal Media

Whenever I hear conservatives spoon feed the myth of the “liberal media” to their constituency, I just want to set my hair on fire. A perusing of Full Movies crystalized this distortion as I came across Cutting Edge – The Child Sex Trade. Taking me back to the outrage I felt after seeing The Whistleblower, the disdain for the sub-humans perpetrating trafficking in this film starring Rachel Weiszis is obvious, but worse yet, how it reveals the true media bias that we all must beware.
The 2010 thriller is based on the experience of UN Peacekeeper Kathryn Bolkovac in the aftermath of the Bosnian War. Leaving her position as a police officer in Nebraska for a hefty paycheck and career stepping stone, her role involved training the Bosnian Police Force in crime fighting techniques. 
As such, Bolkovac goes on to take part in a brothel raid that reveals what’s she’s up against. The crime figures at the heart of the prostitution ring in question are rounded up because they have not properly greased the palms of peacekeepers being paid to look the other way. Her subsequent investigations reveal deeper connections between the vermin who reign terror on their victims and the suit and tied executives at both the UN and DynCorp (the American Contracting Company).
The direct ties established turn out to matter little when Bolkovac tries to force action from her superiors. Her only recourse is to try to get one of the women to go on the record, and while the on screen attempt results in a brutal murder, the fictionalization was not without merit. One woman who was talking with the police during Bolkovac’s tenure was found murdered with tape found over her mouth, according to director Larysa Kondracki.
Ultimately, Bolkovac conceded her powerlessness and sent out a mass email revealing her findings to UN officials as a last resort - which it turned out to be. She was fired soon after. 
Bolkovac would at least have the last word in this scandal of unspeakable dimensions. Smuggling out crucial documents, she was able to get them to the BBC and appeared on the network to discuss her experience. 
So watching this tragedy on film, I wondered how it was possible that I missed this story. Well, it turns out I didn’t. The US media never picked it up while it was huge news all over Europe.
Uncovering the omission is as easy as tracing the billion dollar contract from the state department to DynCorp. 
There’s your bias. 

The media doesn’t think twice when it comes to protecting power and money – no matter how egregious the offense. If this case doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what does. So think what you will of what’s reported, because it’s what they leave out that says the most.

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