Saturday, October 29, 2016

Holistic Moms Talk Discusses Home Toxins

On Thursday morning March 26, the Holistic Moms Network of Northern Westchester welcomed certified Wellness Coach Perry Levenson to the Katonah Methodist Church at 5 Bedford Road to present, How Healthy is Your Home. Taking on each room, the board certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Professional identified common toxins that people unwittingly bring into their homes.
He began with what would be hard to consider a toxin but definitely acts to debilitate. “Light from your electronic devices can damage the body’s melatonin and interrupt your sleep,” he said.
So shutting the TV and the tablet in favor of a book to relax is far more conducive to a good night’s sleep. In accordance, Levenson recommended a sunrise alarm clock that gradually dims as bedtime approaches and lights up as the alarm time approaches. “This causes the body to increase melatonin with the dimming of the light, and then stimulate the pituitary system as the light brightens in the morning,” said Levenson.   
Closing on the lights, Levenson moved onto the closet, and the danger dry cleaned clothes represent. “It’s not really dried and it’s not really cleaned,” he said.
Often soaked in a chemical known as perchloroethylene, the residue carries carcinogenic risks and can cause liver and kidney damage. As such, he recommended finding a green cleaner or when no stains are apparent, dry cleaning in the sun. “Ultraviolet rays act as a natural disinfectant,” said the New Rochelle resident. 
As for the machine washable, anything that is less than 100% cotton will consist of poly vinyl chlorides, which carry risk of developmental damage, liver and central nervous system problems and impediments to respiratory and reproductive systems. “Anything put on your skin quickly goes into your blood system,” he said.
Unfortunately, 100% cotton also poses a risk. “Cotton producers are the number one user of pesticide,” he said, and Levenson recommended pesticide free clothing.  
Levenson then went skin deep and took up all the products people apply in personal care.  “Between shampoos, lotions, soaps and skin care, people average seven products a day,” said Levenson, and manufacturers include all kinds of chemical additives to lengthen the life of products.
Immediate gain is lost in the long run anyway. “These products usually damage the skin,” he said.
Otherwise, before a group of 10 moms who are part of this nationwide network that seeks to develop a thriving local community of holistic families, he cited how many creams stimulate estrogenic activity and cause early maturity in young women.
Companies also find ways around the law. Formaldehyde banned in products, companies include agents that stimulate its production in the product once opened and act as a preservative.
Once again, natural products are out there in abundance. The extra cost, though, must take the long view. “Paying the higher price now is called re-directional spending that will put you ahead later,” he said.
In the kitchen, the neurotoxins put people knee deep in terms of cleaning products. As such, substitutes do not have to even go the all-natural label route. “Baking soda, white vinegar and even hot water are all good,” he said.
Acknowledging all the harm, Levenson allayed the dirge of disturbing information by suggesting that parents take it incrementally. “You don’t have to change everything overnight, just make baby steps one at a time,” he said.
Holistic Moms chapter leader Shira Adler agreed and expressed how the talk was another example of the way members pursue a healthier life for their families. “We learn from experience and each other,” she concluded. 

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