Sunday, May 21, 2017

Life as We Know It

I think this conveys my meaning

So I'm playing first base about ten years ago and balls are flying everywhere over our outfielders' heads. So being the focused, calm individual that I am, I'm kicking the dirt and swearing at each low Earth-orbit projectile that's burying us again. And suddenly I hear someone chirping, "pay attention, stop swearing, act like a grown-up."

"What the heck," I'm thinking.

Who is it but you excercising the two cents your genetic disposition foretold long before either of us were born.

I am proud nonetheless and look you're graduating from college, which is pretty cool too. But I'm more glad that you went away to school, made friends and will continue "life as we know it" with some of them in a new city.  I'm sure that will all go well and luck really has nothing to do with your successes, but I will wish it regardless.

Thankfully, I was spared the trip to far off Rhode Island but I'm sorry I missed all the graduation parties.   I would like to have seen you leave your mark, though. Maybe some day...

Uncle Richie

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