Friday, February 19, 2016

A Unique Mind for Art

If you stop into the after school program at Mt. Kisco Childcare, finding Nadia hard at work in the art room is almost a certainty. Not left stationary by a lack of doubt either, the seven year old believes her ability to produce the eclectic stands alone.
“I’m a good artist because of my unique mind,” said the West Patent second grader.
On this day, working on some signs for an upcoming sleepover, she’s not quite sure where the good ideas come from. But once they show up, she dives in and doesn’t let an unsteady tide deter her.  “I just do it, and if it starts coming out bad, I improvise,” she says.
The mindset goes perfectly with her fearlessness to try any medium and do so without worrying about ploughing through the cardboard. “I do all different kinds of art, and don’t stick to the basics, because I like to go out of the box,” says Nadia.

Of course like any good artist she’s quick to credit her teacher and isn’t afraid to acknowledge that a good idea from Kathy can purposely meander elsewhere. For example, a recent caterpillar mobile that Kathy had the kids do set Nadia a flutter. “I took that and made a heart mobile,” said Nadia
The future, though, does not hold traditional art as a career, she revealed. “I want to be a chef,” she says.
Even so, the artistic inclinations still apply. “You’re just making art in a flavor,” says Nadia.
It seems she’s already on the path. “The thing that I love most about Bedford is how close it is to the highway. This makes it easier to get to the city,” she reasons. “I love all the restaurants.”
She doesn’t overlook Broadway and all the bright lights above either. “It’s so fancy,” says Nadia.
Quite fitting for such a cool cat.

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