Friday, February 26, 2016

Remember the Oppressive Studio System of Hollywood? It must have been all those Hollywood Real Men who Finally Killed it. Not Quite

The Breaking Of The Studio System Of Indentured Servitude Of American Actors

Clarke Gable made a career as a tough guy in a t-shirt. His carefully cultivated masculine aggressiveness on display to slap around everyone from Vivian Leigh to Joan Crawford, he reaped the rewards all the way down the boulevard. On other hand, being typecast was a fact of life that even the biggest stars had to resign themselves to. "I have never been consulted as to what part I would like to play. I am not paid to think,” he once bitterly told photoplay.  On other hand, did we really want to see “the King” weeping like Nick Nolte in Prince of Tides? Maybe but either way, this was the studio system that they knew in the movie theater, and it took two courageous feminist actresses to actually hang a pair or two on the system of slavery that kept stars in both a professional and personal box during the Golden age of Hollywood. 

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