Sunday, December 13, 2015

Community takes Solace in Faith

Photo by Richard Satenberg
A seat front and center on Katonah Avenue at Tazza Café produces a picturesque calm that makes coffee drinkers feel as if they are in full recline – with no need of an easy chair.  The summer breeze blowing and the clouds lazily bringing any anxiety down a notch, the still really comes to life and has its ante upped upon the entrance a living apparition known as “Faith.”

A pit bull rescued from the whirlwind of Katrina, her sad eyes have the effect of anything but and put a halt to whatever worries may lay ahead for those she strikes her complacent gaze upon. “She teaches you to be in the moment,” says Patricia Silvestri, who is a frequent patron on the sidewalk.

Faith learned that first hand when her New Orleans’ master died in the hurricane, and she weathered the storm by not forgetting all she owed him.  “Faith remained by his side for six days until help arrived,” says Tazza faithful Richard Satenberg.

So Faith sprawled out contentedly on the sidewalk, Satenberg doesn’t miss the message. “It feels like love is all around you,” he says of the way Faith lies obediently attached to the leash of her master of 10 years.

 A Presbyterian minister in Croton Falls, Hans Hallundbaek also knows Faith has his attention. “When he talks about faith in church, the dog comes running over,” says Satenberg.

In Katonah, though, such an outburst would be unheard of, but that doesn’t mean she is unappreciative.  Usually in her typical stomach stance – one leg out and the other tucked in – says Satenberg, “Faith starts waging her tail whenever she sees someone she knows.”

On the other hand, she’s very discerning when it come to her own ilk – especially if they lack the control she has mastered. “She just ignores them,” says Satenberg.

Nonetheless, it gives them something to shoot for. “Other dogs want to be like Faith,” he jokes.
Humans should measure up so well, according to Tazza’s professorial sage. “If I she was a woman, I’d marry her right off,” asserts Satenberg.

But Faith in her complacency doesn’t let it go to her head as everyone stops to say hello. “She makes me feel humble,” says Patricia. “She has all the qualities I aspire to and she’s just a dog.”

A comment that gave the Tazza everyday sipper pause to rethink her insight. “Well, Faith’s more than just a dog, the Katonah resident said in conclusion. “She makes me feel warm all over.” 

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