Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loving Cats Says something about your Humanity

As a young child, the family pet was a rabbit. That was the best I was going to do. A dog was clearly out and my mother was allergic to cats (which all moms say when their kids pine for a pet). But my senior year in high school had my mom unable to say no to a cat named Tiffany. Here, I began to receive my education on the merits of cats.

Mostly, guys defer on cats, and I wouldn’t say I don’t trust those who fail to see their value. But I extend males that admire felines much more latitude for the understanding of human nature and the world.

What I love most about cats is an attitude that says, “I certainly appreciate the warm body you give me to snuggle up against and the four walls to thrive in. But If I had to do this on my own, I clearly could.  So don’t you get too comfortable – even if my disconnected style of love and appreciation is the best you’re going to get.”

A person who signs up for such an uneven relationship not only comprehends a trust known as tolerance, but has the ability seek out depth rather than settling for what is apparent on the surface. So when your cat looks up from its snooze upon your calls and is too busy to even let loose a purr, she’s letting you know there are much more important things to accomplish currently than satisfying your constant need for attention.

What gall. But smart people appreciate that your cat understands human nature better than you and teaches an important lesson about living in the moment. This especially while our bellies our fill, and the bill collectors are at bay.

At the same time, this contented soul is exemplifying a trust and love that seeks an equal partnership.  Otherwise, she would snap to attention in subservience, and as much as men lament not being able to find a lapdog as a life companion, that truly would be hell for any real man.

However cats are still not above sucking up at an empty stomach and making you think you’re all that. Suddenly, they’re on your leg, wagging their tale and purring like a tribble to seduce your human weaknesses. What duplicity – yeah they understand us just fine.

So why not give with the take. Yielding as they crawl up on you, the warmth generates a symbiosis in both your bellies that cannot be beat.

In turn, taking your time just to observe cats in their contentedness says something about you too. You have the ability to appreciate the subtitles in life, which lets me conclude with Marlon Brando in the Godfather.

In the opening scene, the Hollywood giant fought the filmmakers to have the all-powerful and all-knowing patriarch faithfully stroking a cat. Without a word of dialogue, you understand Don Corleane is doggedly present and deliberates on all the crucial questions of power and family, while never acting in haste…

What do you think Sonny’s animal of choice was – certainly not cats.