Sunday, January 10, 2016

Single And The City’s Asian Persuasion Singles Event Settles into a Great Night out for All

A few years ago, I was friended by one Amber Guesa on Facebook. She runs a social dating site called SingleAndTheCity []. I looked at the pictures on her page and I was quite intrigued. But I never raised enough impetus to actually elevate my aspirations and attend one of her parties. Grounded to yet another boring weekend in Westchester, Amber personally invited me to an event that I could not be persuaded to miss.

An "Asian Persuasion" Singles Mixer –for Asian women and all the men that love them." Oh my, am I attracted to Asian women and being 30 minutes early for the 4:46 out of Chappaqua left nothing to chance.

After arriving at Grand Central, I made my way to 313 West 37th street, being extra cautious to not to get hit by a bus. There I was greeted by Kim Loan who co-hosted the event at Image Powerhouse Studios, [] a model agency by day and private event space by night. An Asian herself – oh my.

Remarkably, I was not the first one there. On the couch waiting was a Pace University Student originally from Pennsylvania. She looked a little nervous, but I was pretty sure I bore no responsibility for that.

She had never done a singles event, and I offered some simple advice: be honest.
Boy, I must really be some sort of catch.

She laughed and we went onto exchange some of the normal pleasantries. Not really believing in segues, "what's your position on fracking," seemed logically where I should go next – given her home state.

Taken aback, she launched into a healthy laugh. It was obvious she was much more ready to engage. Hey, I know what I'm doing people.

The party started slow – at least from a guy's impatient point of view. Well yeah, that's what we do – especially when women know that the building will actually have to be on fire before we give up on the particular persuasion that got us here in the first place.

It's also safe to assume that the particular persuasion in question had something to do with the over eagerness. Given that 50 men were turned away off the $40 event price, let me try to explain, "Oh my."

Mysterious, intelligent, confident – I don't know, how about artistically symmetrical. I'm making a fool of myself. Asian women make my head spin, and believe it or not, the subject did not come up among the men. Put in the position of such submission, maybe it's just too embarrassing to discuss. Or they're heads were too busy spinning like mine.

Since I did have my objective reporter's hat on, I was able to temper my own usual impatience. Instead, my laid back approach put me in a few interesting and funny conversations with the guys on hand, with things such as musicians, bankers, lawyers and filmmakers.

After all, we do these things to meet "people." Ok, maybe not, but a few more women eventually meandered in and I smoothly got myself into the game. In other words, I spilled a glass of wine on myself.

No matter, Kim quickly came over and took care of me. She got me a napkin and advised that I just un-tuck my shirt into a more casual look. Fashion and models – I know she knows what she's doing.

Interesting, that's how I usually do it. Maybe on this point, I know what I'm doing too. Sorry, no chance.

Shaking off my setback, I still turned to find a party mostly dominated by men. The alphas definitely noticed. But mostly doesn't mean all, and without objectivity, I made the most of a friendly group of women who were quite open to more moderately amusing segues.

And again, I didn't limit myself and got into a few more good conversations among the guys. Nonetheless, the chatter skewed toward disappointment. This put me in the position of becoming the girl at the 7th grade dance who tries to steer all the shy boys to the center of the action.

Now, I'm sure Kim and Amber do a great job of getting everybody mixing. On this night, for instance, to break the so-called "ice", all attendees received half a playing card with the goal of finding the matching half being held by someone of the opposite sex. Women were able to receive make-up touch-ups to look their best and all guests were able to participate in a photo shoot. All while getting our drink on with complimentary wine and beer provided throughout the night. But sometimes the clouds un-align and the mix just doesn't work.

So the good guy that I am, I did just what I said above. Why should I have all the fun? For instance "Nancy" was celebrating a birthday so I persuading a number of the anxious to wish her one, but this turned out to be much ado about nothing.

The girls – not seeing the building bursting into flames from 9th avenue – started making their way in and nicely balanced the room out.

The shy boys also seemed to settle in, and the affair really ended up starting where it began. Pleasantries, conversation, and an easy going time that yes had many cards exchanged and aspirations elevated, but had no one leave at a loss – especially me.

Wait, here's the kicker. When I got home, an email subjected, "Asian Persuasion Credit" was in my box. I opened and since many of the women showed up late, a credit was received for a future singles event. You can't beat that so why not give on of Amber's events a try in the future

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