Saturday, January 9, 2016

There’s nothing Ordinary about 45 Years with Charlotte Rampling

45 Years at the Burns

45 Years sets us at ease as it opens to the bucolic English countryside, and the lilting tone of Charlotte Rampling’s lovely ascent into the golden years of a long, fruitful romance. But the shadow of a past love puts the basking at bay and turns the glacially paced plot into a cascade that will leave you feeling as though you were buried in an avalanche.

All unsuspecting and harmoniously content, optimism still shines through in eyes that definitely show all the time that has passed since her duplicity ripped apart Paul Newman’s soul in The Verdict 33 years ago.  What comes around not on your docket, Kate Mercer finds her husband Geoff (Tom Courtenay) distraught over an opened letter.  “They found her,” he states flatly of the women before her, whose existence was disclosed at the outset of their relationship.

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