Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why do I have to Tell the Republican Party the Opportunity Immigration Reform Presents

My Grandfather the Illegal Immigrant
The immigration system is broken.  I got an idea. Let’s fix it.  Excuse me, this is America, we stopped fixing things just after Apollo 17 splashed down in the ocean in 1972.
As is, the number they keep trotting out is 11 million illegals, which is likely wrong because it never changes. Nonetheless, taxes aren’t being paid and resources used, so it benefits us all to find a solution.
Here are the obstacles.
Me and my ilk. We’re human and empathize with people who seek escape from poverty, despair and injustice inside the borders of our vast country.  Our hearts beat for those who undertake this struggle so when we hear from the heartless among us diminish and dehumanize them, we shut down.
The anger evoked just doesn’t seem commensurate with somewhat higher healthcare premiums or elevated teacher to student ratios.  For instance, if the 11 million cute girls from Ireland graced our nightlife as bartenders, last call on this issue would have been issued years ago.
In other words, me and mine can’t help but feel that racism drives the outrage and coming up with a solution becomes secondary to standing up against the small mindedness of too many Americans.
So regardless of what’s good for us, there’s no push from our end.  That leave the Democratic Party to act alone.  Sorry, Democrats in congress won’t solve the problem because there’s no incentive. 
As long as the Republicans have the self-deportation talk of Mitt Romney and the likes of Donald Trump to alienate Latinos, why change the status quo. The Democrats have the Hispanic vote, so if it ain’t broke on Election Day, why fix it.
This gives the Republicans opportunity to take advantage, and they haven’t got a clue. Yes, George W. Bush put forth a moderate plan for amnesty, and the Republican constituency made piñata mush of the initiative.  But proposing and pushing a rational solution is the only way forward for the party.
Doing so will piss of their base to no end, but what are they going to do – vote for Hilary Clinton. On the other hand, a third party mess could emerge for the Republicans. Still, they’re never going to win another presidential election until they start appearing as human to this ever growing voting block. 

So what do the Republicans have to lose?  Eventually, their base will simmer down, a system will be put in place, taxes paid and resources paid for.  They’ll be the heroes, and the Latino vote will for grabs like the rest of us.
You’re welcome, and I’ll take an ambassadorship to Italy when you finally figure this out.

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