Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Rochelle Football Captain Gets Loud About His Team’s Chances

When your football program holds five consecutive Section One Titles, getting carried away with your success is a possibility and can quickly send a season to an end. That said, New Rochelle Football knows the drill and what the past means in the face of having an entire section gunning for them.
"Everybody has a target on you, everybody wants to be what you are so it's tough to keep it at that level," says Tight End/Defensive Back Anthony Caldararo.
A 23-0 route in the opener seems to have them on track for a second Section 1 threepeat and a run at the state title, which ended last year in the semis. "This was the best first game we've had since I've been here," he says.
Taking it two ways on offense and defense, he understands that football is a 50-50 proposition between mind and body.  "You have to be both smart and physical to play," he says.
Getting the nod as Captain implies both and verifies his place among his peers. "Being named captain by my teammates made me feel like they trust me," he says.

On that, he isn't shy about hyping it up out loud and laying expectations on the line. "Then we each  go out and do our thing," he says.

All together, he hopes it ends in a state championship and paves the way for another beginning. Several Division I-AA schools are recruiting him, but he won’t get ahead of himself. "I don't want to get too excited but it feels pretty good," he concludes. 

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