Thursday, April 14, 2016

Samantha Longlade is Up in the Air on her Team's Chances in Eastchester

Anyone who plays volleyball knows that hitting the floor in full dive is part of the game. They also understand that the hardwood doesn't give. Samantha Longlade of Eastchester admits a lack of eagerness in the face of knocking down her knees, but teammates definitely give her a pass in favor of what she means to them above the parquet.
"They want me up in the air, not down on the floor," says the 5'8" outside hitter."
At the same time, she trusts her setter and steps aside no matter where the second hit elevates off the floor. "I know how bad she wants to win so she always get there and puts up the set," she says of Amy Depippo
The same goes for the rest of the team and the manner in which all six cover the floor. "We're real loud and we communicate very well," she says.
She credits Coach Kathy Depippo with giving Eastchester the dialogue they need to succeed but by tip off all the talking has already been done, according to Samantha.  She makes sure we are prepared and hands the outcome off to us at game time, says the senior.
That said, the goal is to get through the rest of the season without a loss and start the sectional tournament on their home court. From there, she says, "I think we can make the section finals."

In turn, Section One will need to be on their toes because Eastchester's big hitter certainly will be. 

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