Sunday, April 17, 2016

Somers Boys Lacrosse Rally falls short in 9-5 Defeat to Rye

Rye came to town on Saturday, and when they weren’t keeping Somers contained on defense, the Garnets kept the ball moving and their bodies weaving en route to a commanding 8-1 lead. No help was forthcoming either as Rye goalie Daniel Bonaventura stood tall with his stick and got the kick on just about everything else before a late rally by Somers fell short.

Even so, Somers goalie Tyler Carr showed some pretty good mettle too, and faced with a point blank opening from Rye’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, he was the first to come up big. But Fitzpatrick wasn’t long for the back of the net and making lacrosse camp of the afternoon

From behind Carr, Brendan Dugan found the speedy Fitzpatrick cutting to the net and Rye was on the board at the 8:42 mark. The Rye crowd was also a third of the way to surrendering their hats for the two more Fitzpatrick goals to come.

Following a double pick call against Somers, the Rye forward did his two step this time on the flipside. Billy Chabot and Will Hynson working the crease, found Fitzpatrick behind for a wraparound that put Somers down 2-0 at 4:55.

Less than a minute later, Rye was on the run again.  After Carr got his equiptment on the beeline back and forth between Hynson and Dugan, Chabot came free on the right and skipped one past the Somers goalie for a 3-0 lead.

Hynson and Dugan’s dancing again got Rye close with a shot off the post at 2:09, but Joe Hashmall kept the game from getting away just yet.  Weaving and fighting his way toward an opening on the right, he rifled one past Bonaventura to close the quarter’s scoring at 3-1. 

In the second, Carr was definitely on his toes and got his foot on shots by Chabot, Zack Samberg and Chris Kovacs.  Unfortunately, the Somers offense wasn’t able to take the cue, and Rye made them pay with the some slight of hand help from Fitzpatrick. Flipping the ball behind his head, he got the defense off balance – leaving Seamus Carroll to go underhand and open a three goal lead again with 2:19 remaining in the half.

The down low set Somers back moments later too.  Hynson was able to elude Jack Baukham on the right and went underhand at 1:02 to extend Rye’s lead to 5-1.

The half’s end had defense creating offense for Rye next. Samberg deftly plucked a pass out of the air with his backhand, and Hynson was able to get up field for another only 24 seconds in.

Not letting up, Rye went downfield again, and ball movement gave Fitzpatrick another good chance, but Carr denied the incursion this time.  The Rye goalie was not to be outdone. Putting a great spin move on the defense, Jack Kessler’s unleashing got nothing but Bonaventura’s net and sent the action the other way.

Trading real estate for the next few minutes, a steal by Jake Cordes got the Somers crowd up as the forward broke down the field. Somers unable to capitalize, Fitzgerald was left fitted for his hat.  Making his move out front, his third goal gave Rye a commanding 7-1 lead with 1:06 remaining in the third.

Even so, Somers still could not escape the period without further damage.  Chabot’s bounce on goal did meet with Carr’s foot, but still found the net and the ire of the goalie’s frustration with 13 seconds remaining.

The big lead didn’t have Rye letting up, though. Kessler with some daylight on a rush up field, the Rye defenders quickly converged, and sent the forward away without out a shot.  They also seemed to be sending a message as Fitzpatrick took a bruising holding penalty at midfield.  

Less one voice, the Rye stop gap was up to the task. Getting his body on a Cordes wraparound, Bonaventura then snared a pointblank rebound and left the home sports fans speechless.

Not using his words either, Carr got nylon on Stephen McCarthy’s shot, and Somers finally put their spin on the scoreboard again. Vincent Cartelli got position inside position and whirled a backhander past Bonaventure at 7:12.   

Somers getting deep again, Rye's Owen Hull got pretty obtrusive in the fray and went stick to helmet. Putting  the Tuskers on the powerplay, Mike Couture’s underhander had Rye reaching for a little analgesic with 5 minutes remaining.  

The pain would not subside as Somers fronted Rye’s brunt force with a little finesse.  Andrew Lowman found Graham Roediger with a lob into the middle, and Bonaventure was no match for the point blank positioning.

Now trailing 8-4 with 4:07 remaining, head games again left Rye scratching. The ball bouncing high off helmets on a pass into the middle, Cordes outjumped the defense and didn’t wait long after coming down to pull Somers within three.  

The faceoff going to Somers with three minutes to go, the parking lot suddenly looked pretty far off for the Garnets. But an errant Somers pass to the point shifted the action and Chabot got the bus in gear with his game icing goal with 1:54 remaining

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