Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Boo Girls Seizes The Opportunity To Make The Most Of Online Purchasing Trend By Closing Their Storefront In Katonah


In towns across America, going out of business signs continue to going up and signify that the economy has taken down yet another small shop. Katonah has not been immune to the situation, and one such posting seems to indicate that another long time staple has succumbed. “Boo Girls closing Here,” encompasses the pane facing Katonah Avenue, but “here” is the operative word – given that everywhere will soon amount to its new storefront.
Taking the dress selling digital, says proprietor Gaynor Scott, “I’m not going out of business, I’m taking advantage of a new opportunity.”
In this, she refers to a sea change in shopping that no longer requires or desires a lift from mom to get a look at the latest. “They are all shopping online,” says Scott of how the younger generation goes about their business.

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