Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vascular Associates Of Westchester In Hawthorne, New York


Varicose veins occur to due a condition known as Venus Reflux disease. “This is a disease where valves in the surface veins are not functioning, says Dr. Arun Goyal of Vascular Associates of Westchester in Hawthorne. In turn, the blood flow is reversed and the blood pools up in distended veins instead of traveling to the heart. Once addressed with a procedure called Phlebectomy, which stripped the vein right of the leg and resulted in a long painful post operative recovery, today’s modern methods keeps the patient awake and has them up and walking the same day.

Endogenous Laser (EVL) and Radio Frequency Closure Fast involves a needle prick and the insertion of a catheter into the great saphenous vein. Using real time computer imaging, the distended vein is collapsed and sealed off with laser heat or radio frequency energy respectively. Otherwise, he says, the main difference between the two is the Closure Fast ends up having less post operative pain.

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