Monday, December 26, 2016

New York City Actress Turns Make Up Artistry Into Work In Front Of The Camera

This time of year should have Melissa Roth putting a scare into Trick or Treater like few could. Unfortunately, time has not permitted. “I haven’t had Halloween off in 15 years,” she says. But getting others to play dress up keeps her from having to haunt at late hours as a waitress of bartender like others in her career of choice.
“The reason I started doing makeup was to supplement my work as an actress,” says Roth.
The pictured troll clearly shows that she can work on the flip side while a possible role awaits somewhere as a scream queen.  In accordance, such get ups also start conversations like the modern day, basement dwelling versions found online. But the discourse doesn’t angle for agitation. “Doing make up keeps me on set, and it’s a great way to network as an actor,” she says.

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